A New Home

I am so excited to be sharing a new home where my blog life and my design life live together.  With a many different roles and experiences over the last several years, it’s really taken me a long while to get to a place where I felt that my work, inspirations and thoughts could coexist in a logical way…In my experience so far, it sometimes takes a little while to find a clear aesthetic and an authentic voice amongst all the online communication we deal with every day.  Perhaps over referenced, the words below have always been my illogical guiding light – you can’t always plan it all really, and sometimes you just have to take a few twists and turns to arrive in your designated seat.  If anyone has been hanging out with me over here for the last year or so, you might notice a bit of a shift in pace and a slight tweak in content.  At the end of the day I hope you will enjoy a bit more of a personal touch – Can’t wait to hear what you think…



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