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Although many of us get to spend our days working away on projects that resemble more of a crafternoon activity than real ‘bringing home the bacon’ work, it is important to remember that it is a real job.   Just like any other nine to five, a creative career requires a certain collection of tools to make the days productive and organized.  Here’s a little round up of the items that save my sanity and keep me on top of things amidst all the creative chaos…

Creative Tools | Sunday Design Studio


1 // A collection of goodies that arrives on your doorstep each month?  OliveBox is such an awesome concept and a fun way to collect all those nick nacks that feed your creative juices!

2 // An organized desktop is key, especially when working on any web design or major sourcing projects.  I like a little colour and a pretty way of keeping things in the proper spots.  Feel free to download this desktop background here

3 // I am a bit of an old schooler when it comes to scheduling and planning, and I continue to carry around a daytimer in paper form.  This Moleskine is my most favorite thanks to the nice big note ’functional doodle’ pages next to each week.  It also has a soft cover which – as it turns out – makes it much easier to jam into my purse…

4 // Creative Market is such a fantastic tool, whether you are working on your own little blog facelift or creating a new identity for a client.  Definitely a must for anyone working in the web world.

5 // Come on, we just can’t get by without some serious technology and the new iMac is my most favorite new toy…It’s like a whole new world compared to my very dated, but oh so faithful, laptop.

6 // Finally, everyone needs a space to call their own – a room to play a little.  I use washi tape and cut sheets as constantly evolving office art.  It’s a great way to take a little mid-afternoon break to create something new…

Have I missed any must haves?

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