Checking In

So, remember that time I decided to do a bunch of things for the first time? All in one year? Well, I’ve been busy checking things off the list and thought I would do a quick share to document the progress so far…

First up were some culinary challenges, including homemade ricotta and a savoury tarte tatin that turned out a million times better than expected! I’ve got several more recipes to go including bread from scratch, raspberry jam and a special occasion tiered cake, so hopefully the success continues.

To further my domestic focus, I was so inspired by this idea that my next challenge was reducing my wardrobe down to a capsule collection of less than 40 items. Trust me, this is something everyone should try at least once for so many reasons…More on that later! I also did a little spring decor refresh using anything but black (harder than I thought, seems it all landed in my wardrobe), and I continued with my artistic endeavours. The calligraphy is coming along, slow and steady, and playing with watercolours has been so inspiring!

Although the initial goal may have been a little lofty, I’ll admit, I am so happy that I am pushing myself to try new things. Sometimes all you need do to is create the intention, put it out there, and the pieces just start to fall into place. Fifteen down, only a couple hundred to go…


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