Wednesday Links


Forget TGIF, I have a much worse time trying to get through the mid-week hump than I do waiting for 5 o’clock on a Friday afternoon when there is already some freedom quenching light filtering in from the end of the tunnel. I need a boost at the half-way point to re-inspire and re-fuel the rest of my week. Here are the links that are helping to keep the ball rolling towards the weekend…

-  More minimalism for a clear mind and a clean home.

-  This one has already caused some late night crafting…No glassware is safe from the foil at this point!

-  Placing an order for these because I’m going to need the perfect tabletop pairing for all the gold.

-  With a bathroom reno in my very near future, I am loving this cost saving switch!

-  What in the world is more inspiring than seeing a project like this come to life for this talented, hard-working mama!


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