In Review

After a slow start to the month, my list saw some serious action over the last half of March. Not only did I tie up a few of the loose ends that had been nagging me, but I was also given the opportunity to learn a few things I hadn’t even planned on.


A surprise birthday gift had me enrolled in a cooking course that left me feeling very capable at (and addicted to) the art of handmade pasta. I also got a start on my printmaking goal with screen printing lessons. I am quite sure this skill will come in very handy, and has opened up a world of possibility in my DIY-inclined mind. Lastly, I’m proud to say, I took some time offline. I decided to all those Pinterest hours into action and worked on a few projects that had been on my mind. Inspired by this great post, I created some cooper accented napkin rings, and added some sparkle to some of my existing watercolour prints with gold foil.

This new week is full of more crafting, painting and hopefully a little more rest and relaxation. Happy weekend!

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