Workspace Essentials


+ Great tech is key for an efficient and seamless workflow. You’ve got ideas to get out there, so don’t let a frozen browser cramp your style.

+ Okay, so now having praised all that tech, there is still an important place for pen and paper. Keep it close because sometimes genius is spurred on by all those mindless scribbles! Also, great for to-dos that pop up mid-day…Write them down to remind yourself later, and then get back to the task at hand.

+ Just as detrimental as outdated tech, a cluttered space can be very distracting. Always, always build in more storage than you think you need! Include files or shallow drawers so that each project, post or client has it’s own space. Keep another area available specifically for inspiration. Magazines tears, photos, ephemera, keep them around as they may come in handy in moments of creative struggle.

+ A space full of natural light is not always available, but it you can make it work then do it! A little sunshine will promote a good mood, a clear mind and a happy, healthy workspace. If your situation just doesn’t allow for this, then schedule in an afternoon break to get outside for a refresh.

+ Most of us spend the majority of our day in one spot, so there is not reason why we can’t include a little luxury into that space. It’s important to bring a little comfort into your workspace…You deserve it!

+ The day-to-day can get repetitive without clear plans and goalsTake the time, as often as possible, to review and reset your goals. Whether this is a monthly or even daily ritual, keep them close by to remind you why you chose this particular adventure!

Let me know what I’ve missed, or if you have any favourite workday essentials that help you get through to Friday!

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