About this time last year, I was drowning in all things wedding related. Magazines, books, boards and blogs were taking up much of my day. I quickly realized just how many great resources were out there to make the big day just right. The downside is that all that information can easily become overwhelming. Yes, it’s a big moment, one of the best days of your life, but it’s only one day and it’s just not possible to fit each and every minute detail, collected over hours of research and planning, into one 24 hour period. So, amidst all the inspiration and endless pool of ideas, I let the designer in me take over and created a mood board. No matter what kind of project I’m working on, this is always where I start. It allows for a clear direction, and a touchpoint for all future decisions. Had I not done this, it is very possible that I would have been required to plan an entire second day of festivities just to fit everything in.

I’m looking forward to sharing a few photos, projects and memories from our summer nuptials now that the dust has settled, and it felt only right to start by sharing my jumping off point. If you’re anxious to see how it all turned out, check out all the photos here

Wedding Moodboard

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