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It’s never been easier to find affordable art thanks to a growing trend in downloadable prints. You can now plan, purchase and print an entire gallery wall worth of art for under $50, and with a few clever DIYs you can keep the framing on a budget as well. Here are my three favourite online shops to find great printables along with some framing suggestions to cap off a seriously affordable weekend project…

1 / Lila + Lola has a great selection of both black and white and full-colour prints available for immediate download. I have a few of these ones already, both the horses and the cacti, and they are a great addition to my monochromatic scheme. These ‘rough’ prints make for a great textural addition next to some ‘cleaner’ looking images when displayed as a group. In terms of framing, I had already had some simple black frames that did the trick, but I think that with a little more effort, that transferring the prints to canvas and following this DIY from Room for Tuesday would be a great way to elevate the look.

Lila + Lola Printable Art

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2 / This recently released collection by Sycamore Street Press is one of my favourite examples of how this printable art trend is making beautiful pieces accessible to everyone. A collaboration with stylist Meta Coleman has resulted in a digital collection of antique paintings sourced from her family archives. I love the idea of using a modern frame to create a strong contrast to the traditional style of the prints. Check out this DIY for some inspiration…

3 / Finally, if you’re not into printing things yourself or you don’t have a printer available, take a look at the large-scale prints from Debbie Carlos. Her pieces are printed on an architectural plotter giving them a very cool, grainy texture and the size makes them perfect for a large feature wall. We have have this one in our dining room! In terms of framing, I love this idea by Molly of Almost Makes Perfect.



I would love to hear about your framing hacks and favourite shops, so leave a message below to share your version of this ‘on-the-cheap’ trend!


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