Designing a Nursery That Lasts

You’ve got a little one on the way, and now it’s time to prepare the nursery for their arrival. It can be daunting to choose what to buy and what to skip with so many products to choose from, and it’s important to consider how the space is going to adapt as your child grows. Avoid buying over-priced products that will wind up in storage within the first year, and learn to create a space that will grow right alongside your little one. Here are four tips to keep in mind while designing your child’s room, saving you space and money, and keeping your home clutter-free.

Nursery Design

Neutral Palette // Keep your paint colour, drapery and major furnishing neutral – think whites, greys and natural wood – in order to maximize flexibility down the road.

Multi-Purpose Pieces // Prioritize items that can serve dual purpose. A crib that becomes a toddler bed, a highchair that transitions to a booster seat and a change table that becomes a dresser are all good choices. Spend your money on items that will still serve a use once the baby years are over.

Accessorize with Colour // Use smaller accessories to bring character and interest to the space. Add a bright geometric pillow to the rocker or frame a personalized print above the crib. These are easy items to switch out later on without fear of breaking the bank.

Blank Space // Try not to fill every nook. It may be tempting, but leave room to add and move and re-arrange in the space as your child grows. This will allow for the addition of special mementos and gifts that you would like to display.

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