Playroom Inspiration

As you probably already know, we are busy updating a portion of our basement in order to create a work and play space. The biggest challenge, other than the small square footage, is that this space really needs to be dual purpose. It’s definitely time that we have a dedicated work area now that I’m running the business from home, but we also need to make sure it’s usable as a play and craft area.

Design-wise, my priority is to make sure there are lots of opportunities to be creative. At the end of the day, my little is going to be using the space the way he wants to, and it will most definitely change as he grows. I will mostly be using it for emails, design space and a little storage. I’m aiming for a clean, bright, simple space with room to move and make a mess.

I am starting a few DIY projects next week once we’ve got a couple coats of paint (white, obviously) on the wall. Although my work space is already planned, I’m still looking for ideas on how to bring playfulness into the design. Below are some of my favourite examples that seem to be doing just that!

Anyone else working and playing in the same room? What makes it work?

Modern Playroom Inspiration

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