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Twice a year I get really serious about refreshing our home with a couple new colours or textiles. Something simple to give the space a little lift up. Fall always brings a lot of cozy…Layers and chunky textures to make the space feel inviting to guests and comforting for us. Spring on the other hand is a mixed bag. I find that this is season that gets me most excited for NEW! I love to wait and see what catches my eye – a colour or a vibe that feels different from what we’ve seen in the past. This year, I’m all about the crazy plant lady aesthetic with some *gasp* real colour mixed in!

I was really tentative about pink last year, and although I thought I gave it a heavy hand, when asked, my family had a hard time finding ‘all that colour’, haha. Anyways, this year, since we are switching some rooms around anyways (read about it here), I’m taking the chance – and challenge – to be a bit bolder with corals, blush and loads of green.

What are you guys feeling for spring this year?


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