Pin Crush No.1

Pinterest is – and probably always will be – a source of inspiration and escape during my day.  I love that this amazing tool allows us to share our work, our thoughts and so many images that encourage new ideas and designs.  There is a true talent in making this platform unique to you, and there are many out there that do an incredible job to creating stunningly curated collections over and above sharing fantastic images.  I thought I would share some of my most favorite follows so that you too can appreciate the skill they possess for finding a way to translate their amazing style through this medium…


1 // Lena Petersen is a pinning machine, and has acquired a wonderfully eclectic mix of minimalist style and stunning photography.  One of my most visited collections by far!

2 // Recently featured by Blog Brunch as blogger of the month, Kristen writes one of the most unique blogs out there.  A mix of spaces, graphics and type, her collections are perfectly edited and are a true reflection of her online aesthetic.

3 // I am lucky enough to know this lovely lady in the real world as well as the land of repins.  I have admired Sylvie’s sense of style since the moment I met her, and this online collection continues to be my most favorite spots for fashion inspirations.

4 // I love all that is black, white and a million shades of neutral so this collection is one of my go to spots when I need a dose of calm.

5 // Alexandra Joy Wig is another local talent who has an incredible eye for beautiful, handmade detail.  The owner of Pink & Honey, her Pinterest collection is an amazing source of inspiration for any and all events, and for me is always a perfect place to find unique colour ideas and DIY projects.

6 // Kelsey is amazing at finding the most beautiful photography.  Familiar and celebrity faces and perfectly unknown moments are scattered throughout her boards…You will get happily lost wandering through these collections.

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