Winter Style

The New Year brings more than just ambitious resolutions (more on that next week), it also brings a similar feeling of renewal as what happens when the leaves change in the fall or when that first spot of green appears in the spring. As the Christmas decorations get tucked away after another successful show, January gets to be another perfect time for a fresh interior update.

Ask me about a fall colour palette, and it’s always going include deep jewel tones and earthy neutrals – the shades of cozy after a hot summer of brights. This inspiration usually evolves into a relatively classic holiday scheme full of deep green and golden metallics, but then January comes and it can be the perfect moment to interpret winter in a new way.


Along the same lines as a clean slate for your diet or a purge of some bad habits, I’m craving new in my space as well. The brassy golds are going away along with the layers of amber, mercury glass and heavy greenery that adorned our holiday table. I believe there is a way to create an airy AND cozy sentiment without losing warmth, and that’s what I’m going to try to create this month.

Here’s a bad habit of mine…an affinity for the monochromatic. I often gravitate towards ivory, taupe, and of course black as the base layers in a (every) room, so I’m taking a brave step to gather some inspiration from the season and infuse that simple base palette with a little colour. Pear, stilton and rosemary are the winter jewels on our plates right now, so that’s where I’m going to start…Bit by bit, some newness onto a tried and true blank canvas. Velvet, nubby knits and minimal decoration are my strategies to bring in a little texture without loosing the visual breathing room…Oh, and a heavy hand of winter white, of course, will help as well. Give me a couple weeks, and then I can’t wait to share the new look!

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