Resolving to Learn

January 1st can be a daunting day. It encourages ambitious goal-setting and plan-making, most of which inevitably sink to the back of our minds come February. This year, I’m going to endeavour to spread things out a bit. It has been decided that 2015 is going to be a full year of learning.

This past holiday season, there were a lot of firsts including a fresh tree, cooking an entire Christmas dinner and hosting a New Year’s eve pizza party that was absolutely one of my favourites…ever. With all that came projects, planning, styling and prep that I had never really done en-mass like this before. It turns out that all the lists and lessons and DIYs really were my favourite way to spend the break. I felt newly inspired and excited for the next challenge. It felt so good to come up with a plan and figure out how to execute it on my own. So…instead of the grand goals of Januarys past, this year I plan to learn as much as possible, 215 things to be exact, spread out over the entire year to keep this spirit of firsts going. So far, I’ve created a list of 75 tasks to get me started, and will add as I go in order to keep things relevant as the year progresses. I’ll be keeping track and documenting things here, as a way to share my successes, struggles and progress along the way.

Here are some of my favourites¬†firsts from the last twelve months…Motivation to top it, although I’m not sure a year can get too much better!


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