Decorating With Plants

There is no easier way to add character and texture to a space than using greenery. Not only are they good for the health of your home, but they are also cheap, cheerful and there are more than enough varieties to suit any climate or to conform to any design aesthetic. Personally, I am not picky, and I will make a home out of any vessel for virtually any plant. Tea tin, decanter, the empty jar of melted candle – it’s all fair game. Whether it’s a specimen I’ve been coveting or just an extra from my summer gardening, everyone is welcome! To be honest, I think that is the trick to creating the look. The second your collection becomes overly edited or sticks too close to a particular colour or style, this look fails and feels false. If ever there was a moment to let it go, it’s here. Just pick out what you love and plant it in whatever fits. From there, mix it up. Group, stack, clump – whatever comes naturally.

I will continue to collect and grow my indoor greenhouse, because adding plants is an easy decorating and styling trick that never gets old. Here are some examples and inspiration of how more is definitely more when it comes to decorating with greens.

Decorating with Plants

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