Toddler Bedroom Inspiration

Two and a half short years ago I was busy planning a light and bright nursery for my son. I was focused on keeping the space calm, airy and cozy in order to try and minimize any extra chaos in my brain as I settled into motherhood. For me, white paint is usually the answer for calming my mood and my mind.

Fast forward, and with another babe on the way this summer, we have decided to leave the nursery as is and create a new room for our growing toddler. At his age, there is much less equipment involved (ie. glider, change table, onesies upon onesies upon onesies) so it made sense to leave the larger room for the littlest human and turn our smaller bedroom into a nest for the eldest.

As I started to gather inspiration for the space, I found myself collecting images with huge doses of colour, contrast and whimsy, which, let me tell you, is NOT my typical go to. I want to create a bold, creative space that really reflects the stage of life he is in, the amazing little tornado that he is, and that will cater to a more is more philosophy because let’s be serious, isn’t that the gist of age two? Stuff everywhere!!

I haven’t finalized anything yet, but the wheels are turning. I thought I’d share peek at the inspiration I’ve been collecting, curating and coveting for this bedroom transformation…


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