Fall Shopping List

Fall Fashion 2016 // Shopping List

I have to admit that it feels a little strange writing about sweater weather while sitting poolside in 34-degree heat, but I know those days are closer than I’d like to believe. I also know that if there is any time to plan ahead before setting out on a shopping trip, it’s fall. There are so many temptations this season, and I have often been victim to that one, oh-so-on-trend item that is worn once, maybe twice, and then collects dust at the back of my closet until spring. I’m getting more serious about choosing carefully and really curating a capsule collection a few times each year, and this year is still a little different than most as I’m spending so much more time at home with my little. Dry cleaning and handwashing just aren’t an option, so wearability and washability have climbed the list once more as some of my top criteria.

So, having said all that here is what I’m looking to add into the mix this fall…

Fall Fashion 2016 // Shopping List

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Anyone else subscribe to this whole capsule wardrobe idea? What are your must-have items this season?



Summer Shopping List


I try to shop seasonally, and I like to do it all at once. I find that by selecting everything at once, I can ensure that I’m not doubling up on items that I already have in my closet. I also think it’s a great way to edit before getting wooed at the store by something trendy that I really don’t need. Here is my summer shopping list, ready for the warmer weather ahead!SummerShopping

1 / I have been wearing these sunglasses exclusively for a couple years, but I’m sad to say they are starting to show their age. I need something new, and I love this style from a collaboration between C4 Eyewear and Susie Wall. The best part is that for every pair sold, $5 goes towards helping single mothers via a Vancouver foundation called Cause we Care.

2 / Easy, casual, not flip flops. That’s really all I care about in the shoe department lately. Also, I need to be able to slip them on hands-free because I’m often walking out the door with a carseat and a diaper bag these days. I am looking forward to getting these beauties in the mail any day now…

3 / My style has never been overly fussy – I’ve always kept things pretty simple – but now that there are two of us that need to look presentable before leaving the house, I am gravitating to one piece looks more and more. A dress isn’t always a good choice for nursing unless you find the right neckline, so the season’s rompers and jumpsuits are high on my list of must-haves. I love this one from Aritzia. It’s weight means it hangs just right, the fabric washes so well (no steaming required) and it is a perfect base layer for adding a button up, a kimono or a cardigan on chillier days.

4 / We’re headed to the Okanagan later this summer, and with a 9 month old, I will be needing a suit that can keep up with a ton of pool/lake time. I have been looking for a one piece without any fuss so that I’m not constantly worried about what is covering what. I love this style for it’s sophisticated cut and a neutral colour that you don’t see a ton of in swimwear.

5 / So, you know what I just said about dresses and nursing? Well here’s the exception. These stretchy, wardrobe staple dresses are breastfeeding friendly so that you aren’t stuck with a dress hiked up into your armpits when your babe needs a snack. I also have to say that I love the philosophy behind the Sonnet James brand…Get dirty and play with those kiddos every day, then throw that dress in the wash, rinse and repeat!

6 / This piece screams summer. I don’t wear a ton of jewellery, so when I do it’s usually only one bold item. I love the mix of materials here, and I feel like it would be a nice accent for all the other items I’ve got on my list.

7 / Yep, another jumpsuit. This time with some length which makes this an ideal piece to transition into fall with some booties and a blazer.


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